In the position of the perpetrators

What is that which strengthens the hand of a take the life of another? and only the attempt to put myself in the position of the victims of chtesinṓn and of the whole human history, looks funny. My skin tightened k my hair stood up on the idea and only the degree of hardness.

And then I think..

Dare we put ourselves in the position of the perpetrators?

We can look inside ourselves and recognize how we participate in this vile and horrible reality?

We could afford to admit that yes, we have participation?

I’m talking about you and me! The “innocent”! You and me that every day we kill ourselves emotionally from fear to open in life. I prefer to live disabled synais̱thēmatiká than to feel vulnerable. You and me that instead of show our love to our people, open fire with guns don’t kill is̱ōs in natural level but killing a little bit every day in emotional.

You and me we live under the relentless hostage the hardness of our fears.

You and me who won’t ever admit that are to blame for what we are experiencing.

You and me that when they happen such crimes, we’re in a hurry to get reasons of convictions for the authors. So it is with words, with torn synklonismoú hearts to cheer for the evil that is happening.

So! You and me, ‘innocent’ to perennial problem of those responsible. Why besides you and I don’t have anything to do with this brutality isn’t it… The moment I’m freezing with such events, I hear a voice simultaneously més̱a me not to leave me in peace..

I hear her say.. “it’s your fault”! Why be a part of this. Every time your fear determines life and choices. Every time I expect the other to show you goodwill to show and you. Every time because I hurt the mother, his dad and whoever you think you have the right to hurt everybody else and you refuse to see how you do it.

You and me! We say words pompous with the state of man and we can’t even find a way to forgive ourselves.

You and I we’ve hurt so and we continue to replicate pain.

To thymás̱ai you and I think the atomic shadow that we do not possess and didn’t put a light on, I’ll play someone else for us.

And to know you and I that bring the greatest responsibility.

And if i am thrilled by jumping in the position of the victims and survivors of deceased, I am thrilled even more knowing that every killer ekdramatízei a place of my own shadow that I refuse to possess but… Just at that moment I know I can do something!