Hidden Harmony

If you feel lonely this period
And time seems endless
While you are wallowing
In the absence of togetherness,
In the absence of closeness..


How deeply you will be recalling
These quiet moments, when some day
Your life will have all the closeness
And all the togetherness that once was missing
And loneliness will be missing instead.


How much you will cherish
These quiet moments which
Now you cannot appreciate
Because you consider them..

A problem

And not..

A chance.

This is what often happens with everything..

While we experience life,
We don’t actually live it.
We search for what’s “missing”
And when what’s “missing”
Comes into our lives, then
We miss what we had.

Stop, just for a moment,
Your obsession with “absence”
And view your current situation
As a part of a whole life which
Constantly evolves and transforms
And then you might understand that..

What now feels intolerable
Through its presence
Might someday feel precious
Through its absence.

Then you might ask yourself..

“Why should I experience
The preciousness of life
Through its absence?”

And then what do you know?

Maybe right there..

There, in the perceived loneliness
Of the alleged absence..

Maybe exactly right there..

You will find the hidden..


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