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There is no certain strainer other than an intimate interaction with myself (which has nothing to do with me as fixed Kalliopi and all with me as a composition)

… that becomes the filter. Only it’s not prefixed. I have to listen carefully each time

What situation can ever be the same any way? I mean exactly the same! And if not, how is it possible that a prefixed or repeated identical approach could be the answer?

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  1. doug wilson says:

    I noticed the other day as I was working and listening to the mental chatter that most of this “conversation” I have has something to do with building up some security. I’ve really started to see this constant search for security as all invasive… and connected to, interwoven with, our continuous search for happiness

    Have you found this in your practice? The need for, the belief in, security embedded in the body?

  2. Kalliopi says:

    The issue of security is embedded in all our systems. Starting from the instinctual level that deals with survival and all the way to every aspect of our lives, which is, yes, the need for security.

    Working psychologically with the body of a client, I always come across the very same reality: unless it experiences being met in a way that makes it feel secure, it will not respond in a way that brings up suppressed emotions and information around the issues we are working on.

    I think that the need for security can be invasive, when we are unaware of the patterns that make us go after a false security. This could be anything we do in order to avoid facing our fears. I do not care how much money, success, children, fun etc one may seem to have, it will never provide true security unless it is there as a choice of a person who is in contact with themselves.

    In my experience real security is not something we can really do or achieve. It is one of the inevitable outcomes of being in good contact with oneself in a way that looks at life as a constant learning experience and uses it all to investigate instead of getting caught up in labels.

  3. doug wilson says:

    I’ve never experienced real security… I guess the closest I’ve come is deciding it’s a sort of fantasy… it certainly seems to be a universal desire in people

    I asked the question recently, “What do we do that is not done for the sake of security?”. I’m still trying to find something I do that isn’t… nothing yet

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