Sadness brings us close to ourselves

There is something intimate about sadness. In a strange way it brings us close to ourselves.
We think it is the problem and that we shouldn’t feel sadness for a long time.

Why do we demonize it?
Why do we do everything to suppress it?

It appears in us in order to softly talk to us and turn our attention to what we need to come in contact with.
It appears in us to say..
“Look inside yourself! Stop avoiding”.

Look inside yourself.
Stop avoiding.
Don’t be afraid of sadness.
If you listen to it, it will lead you where you were avoiding going.
And from there..
once you feel yourself..
once you allow yourself..
step by step..
you will go to where it seemed impossible until before.

Be confused!
Lose all solutions!
Let sadness be!

But this time..
As a right of yours!
As a helpmate!

Stop searching for solutions..

Let it flood you and let it solve you.

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