Intuition is

Intuition is not just seeing in your dreams or while awake what’s gonna happen in the future.
(As if seeing it and it happening means that this is how it will always be)

Intuition is also when you feel strange or nice close to someone irrelevant of how you think you should be feeling.

Intuition is when you feel that what you do currently is the best you can do for now, even if your head thinks it’s not good enough.

Intuition is when you do or don’t do something just because you felt like it, while all the others judge you as crazy, immature, frivolous etc.

Intuition is the answer we have within for things at any given moment and we crumple it because we think that our ideas about stuff are more valid and better for us than our sensitivity about stuff.

“She has a good intuition” someone says.

So do you but you don’t own it and you go to a teacher to teach it to you.


Because we wanna know it all so that we can control it all so that we can avoid discomfort.

Go and be taught then but do not say that now you know about intuition.

You don’t!

What you know is techniques.

Intuition is you!

And you always talk to you!


So that you can come to know that very few are the things you can control
and so that, after you get over it, the real magic trick can start occurring.

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