About body psychotherapy sessions

All of our experiences are registered in our bodies. Before we can even speak, it is through our physical sensations that we perceive the world and learn about the world. As a consequence, speaking solely with somebody’s intellect is not enough for the unconscious material to surface in a way that can bring substantial understanding and change. It is important to address simultaneously the mind (through conversation) and the body (through learning how to use it in order to come in contact with our hidden blocks as well as our unexplored resources).

Combining mind-and-body directed inquiry, information-memories surface in the form of repressed emotions and instincts and physical reactions-responses. People get the chance to become aware of long standing unquestioned beliefs, ideas, rules and values. They consciously access and release what has been suppressed for years. They are better able to understand how their past conditioning has been blindly operating through them as a negatively-programmed lens, thus preventing them from freshly perceiving and responding to life today.

I passionately support people in finding their way back to themselves and reconnect with their spontaneous intelligence, strength and creativity. Choosing honesty over comfort is to me the key. All of us carry pain through our stories and there is no way around it, if we want to regain the authority of our lives. Each one must be courageous enough to go through it and such a choice contains an amazing opportunity. That, of transitioning from the limitation we experience the freedom we desire.

I do not perceive myself as a therapist or a healer or any kind of “authority” that knows better. When it comes to working with people, I am here as a co-explorer. As a partner in intelligent inquiry, out of the confines of conditioned confusion and into the freshness of sprouting awareness.

Hidden Harmony

If you feel lonely this period
And time seems endless
While you are wallowing
In the absence of togetherness,
In the absence of closeness..


How deeply you will be recalling
These quiet moments, when some day
Your life will have all the closeness
And all the togetherness that once was missing
And loneliness will be missing instead.


How much you will cherish
These quiet moments which
Now you cannot appreciate
Because you consider them..

A problem

And not..

A chance.

This is what often happens with everything..

While we experience life,
We don’t actually live it.
We search for what’s “missing”
And when what’s “missing”
Comes into our lives, then
We miss what we had.

Stop, just for a moment,
Your obsession with “absence”
And view your current situation
As a part of a whole life which
Constantly evolves and transforms
And then you might understand that..

What now feels intolerable
Through its presence
Might someday feel precious
Through its absence.

Then you might ask yourself..

“Why should I experience
The preciousness of life
Through its absence?”

And then what do you know?

Maybe right there..

There, in the perceived loneliness
Of the alleged absence..

Maybe exactly right there..

You will find the hidden..